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Our Raving Fans—Customer Testimonials

Residential hydroseed pic“Hi Gunilla, I’ve attached some pictures of our new lawn. We and our neighbours were amazed at how quickly it sprouted and filled in. We had some very heavy thunder showers a couple of days after you finished. If we had used conventional seeding, we would have needed to start over again after the storm. Your excellent product held even on sloped areas. It was great getting to know you and Scot a little bit. We really appreciated how hard you worked. All the best as you go forward!”Regards, Cal"

Residential hydroseed pic“After spending so much time, energy and money on our landscaping choosing the finishing grass was important to us. We considered sod (but the cost and effort in our estimation wasn’t worth it), seeding (cost effective but with Calgary short summers we were late in the season) and hydroseeding. We ended up going the hydroseeding route and have never regretted the decision. Gunilla from Grassland was very attentive to our desired outcome and came up with a seed mix that is perfect for our acreage life. Her quality and attention to detail was outstanding. Her enthusiasm and pride in doing a good job is obvious. We had a hot August and the hydroseeding, combined with frequent irrigation, resulted in a thick beautiful lawn that looks far better than our neighbours sod application. Thanks Gunilla!!”Regards, Ian"

"We had a one over one or 45 degree slope to contend with that was designed as a geotech wall with a drive way on top. The material used to build the wall / driveway is all inorganic clay with up to 6 inch granular or rocky material and compacted to at least 98% Proctor density. This kind of incline needed erosion control and greening up due to the angle and the unsightly look. Putting organic material over the geotech fabrique was next to impossible due to the incline, however we needed to control the erosion. Due to an extraordinary wet spring organic material was almost impossible to keep in place. However once seeded with the toughest blends of grass seed with excellent rooting characteristics and the formidable green glue adhesive that not only holds the seed in place but holds moisture for germinating the grass started to grow within a period of a few weeks. All this on an extremely angled slope. We were very pleased with the service and the timely manner in which the grass seed was applied. Prompt attention to detail and direction for maximum growth and grass potential as well as timely warnings of the intervening hazards weeks afterwards has provided us with a lush growth of grass on our extreme incline."Thanks, Leon and Sheila

Customer testimonial 01When faced with a steep access road and severely sloped banks on new property, I knew I needed to promptly address potential erosion issues. No one I initially contacted had the experience, equipment or was willing to even attempt this challenge—until I called Grassland Hydroseed. Based on pictures and approximate area measurements that I supplied, the same afternoon that I called I had an initial quote. Within a week they were on-site seeding natural grasses. My slope had good, stable cover within a few weeks. With the clear ability to competently finish the job well within my budget, Grassland Hydroseed gave me the peace of mind that my erosion control requirements were solved so I could focus on my other land development needs. I highly recommend you call Grassland Hydroseed! Ted W…Alberta property developer.

Customer testimonial 02"The construction of summertime “Skyline” luge at Calgary Olympic Park presented unique challenges. Extreme weather conditions caused construction delays and erosion on the steep slopes. Disturbed by earthmoving equipment the hill needed immediate remediation. Our focus shifted from construction to erosion and sediment control under tremendous pressure from regulators, Gunilla of Grassland Hydroseed used every break in the weather to put her knowledge and experience to use. Working in muddy and slippery conditions Gunilla and crew applied her proprietary erosion control blanket. Safe work procedures were followed without incident. Successful completion of the project with early germination and full, lush stands of grasses within the first month turned a difficult situation into a happy ending, to the extent that the city praised our project as exemplary. Grassland Hydroseed will be part of any future hydroseeding projects. Completing her work on time and on budget in near impossible condition earned Gunilla preferred status with Skyline Luge International."Neville Nicholson-General Manager-International Luge

Customer testimonial 03"From our first meeting, Gunilla proved very professional and knowledgeable of her craft. Our landscape plan for our new two acre home in Morgans Rise was very detailed with 120 trees and more than 500 shrubs. The specialized hydro-seeding that Gunilla provided required meticulous application & care to avoid over-spraying the numerous garden areas. The following season Gunilla followed up and touched-up a couple of areas that did not take, due to insufficient watering, to ensure our 100% satisfaction. Gunilla did a great job for us and we highly recommend her!"Glenn T…Property owner.

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