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Simply THE Greenest, Healthiest Grass Available—Period

Greenest grass availableOur hydroseed matrix is unique to the industry. We apply more soil conditioners, more micronutrients, significantly more native grass seed and additional organic foundation elements (such as pH balancers) than anyone else. Why do we increase these components above the industry standard levels—because we take singular pride in creating the greenest, healthiest grass possible. The organic bonding elements that we add to bind these elements together significantly enhance water-retention—meaning you water less and successfully retain more of natures own morning dew and rainfall.

n/aYou could take a different approach and put in sod. However, sod is itself expensive. You see unseemly sod-strip-lines for quite some time until—you hope—the grass grows in. During the application of sod, to insure a quality job you have to watch the installers to insure they properly "pack" the rows together. Sod typically requires regular, relatively heavy, watering (which adds more expense). With sod you run the real risk that if you go away for a week half your lawn will be dead. Remember—sod is grown elsewhere and transported to your location—hence the sod is heavily conditioned to the unique base soil nutrients and micro-climate elsewhere. It takes time and yet more fertilizer to adapt, let alone flourish, in your location.

A less expensive approach is to self seed. One self-seeds by either seeding by hand or with a hardware store seed disperser. To properly seed, one must harrow and roll (pack). Done right, this is indeed a lot of work. In a traditional seeding context, the seed is of course spread on top of the ground—hence the birds and mice eat your seed and the wind blows it away.

Example of sod useWith the above factors in mind, again–why hydroseed? When hydroseeding, professional applicators using highly customized equipment install a precise mixture of mulches, soil conditioners, seed, bonding agent, proprietary nutrients and organic foundation (such as pH balancers & soil enhancers). A professional agronomist researches the micro-climate of your individual property. Only then do we create a tailored recipe of these many natural hydroseed matrix components to account for soil conditions, drainage characteristics, rainfall patterns, erosion factors and predicted growth rate needs. The highly customized, tailored aspect of the hydroseed application insures you'll go from unsightly dirt to neighbor-jealous awesome green (!!) faster than either sod or self-seeding!

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