Grassland Hydroseed, Ltd

Our "GO ANYWHERE" Hydroseed Application Equipment

Unimog introIn a first for the hydroseed industry, we employ a highly customized Unimog with specialized equipment (Patent Pending). This world-class 4-wheel drive, GO ANYWHERE vehicle insures we can safely access virtually any terrain. Safe efficient operation is a cornerstone design criteria which we are now successfully employing in our field operations.

Our unique Unimog hydroseeding vehicle design offers our customers the additional advantage of highly efficient one-person material loading and single-operator seed application. With safety and efficiency foremost in design--and now implemented in the field--we save costs and application time while passing on our savings to our customers!

Versatility--As you can see from these short (less than a minute each) videos, we can operate from in the cab...or on the ground. This versatility has both very important safety and efficiency aspects for our customers.

Safe, efficient operations--Our commitment to our employees and to you. In the design process leading up to our unique applicator vehicle, we consistently said, "Better safety technology is available!" Traditional hydroseed operations typically involve an operator climbing up on an applicator truck to load, mix and often apply hydroseed matrix material. Being up above ground level requires that operator to wear a safety harness and be clipped into the truck's safety point(s). Nonetheless, if on uneven terrain, or simply due to other factors, if that vehicle tips over, the operator will surely be severly injured.

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