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Grassland Hydroseed solves your erosion control and revegetation needs with natural grasses, wildflowers and native plants. As a green industry leader for over 30 years, we focus on resource-efficient environmental restoration projects in both traditional and hard-to-access terrain.

Go Anywhere EquipmentEmploying "Go Anywhere" equipment--Learn More At This Link, we are able to access and revegetate slopes that others can't—and do so affordably. Reclamation jobs in mining, construction, forestry, washout areas and challenging slope stabilization are included in our 30 years of project experience.

High end acreageWe also have the hydroseeding application equipment, nutrient rich seed-matrix and trained staff to operate on more traditional, relatively level, environments. We are happy to showcase our successful results on high-end acreage, golf-courses and related property types.

  • With 30 years of environmental restoration experience, we give you the peace-of-mind that your job will be done on-time and completed to exceed government specifications, industry standards and your expectations
  • We’ve worked with both provincial and municipality staff to cooperatively revegetate eroded areas—and been so successful that they have used our project results as exemplary “How To” guides
  • Our specialized equipment is designed and built in-house to optimize the distribution of our native seed, organic soil conditioners, mulch and other traditionally hard to mix natural hydroseed spray elements. Hence our spray applied erosion control matrix is guaranteed to be evenly mixed and applied to a consistently uniform depth and coverage pattern resulting in the fastest germination possible.


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Native grasses

Hydroseed Native Grasses

Featured Restoration

Redwood Meadows Berm Restoration

Redwood Meadows Berm Restoration
  • Seeded with native grasses
  • Our proprietary Grassland Soil Stabilization Matrix (GSSM™) required no supplemental watering
  • Required only a few weeks to completely stabilize the soil
  • GSSM™ consistently bonds with the soil at time of application

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